People still use blackberries?!

People still use blackberries?!

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Episode 17

Leafs doing well, Habs coming down to reality. Blues are terrible. Raptors are leading the league. Phone case bet continues. Someone actually owns a Blackberry DTEK 50?

Half Muscle Car, Half El Camino

Half Muscle Car, Half El Camino

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Episode 16

New car challenge. Find a car 20 years or older and under $10,000 that you’d drive! Leafs and Raps talk as usual.

Links to our chosen cars.


1. 300ZX

2. BMW 324si

3. Boxster


1. Ford LTD

2. Porsche 944

3. Del Sol

(Some of these listings may go away because they’re sold or whatever, I’ll try to update to a comparable car)